The Platform

Learn more about Amos's vision for NC and District 58, and key policies he will fight for as NC State House Representative.
As Amos campaigns across the state, he'll be talking about more issues—stay tuned. 

Representative Quick’s vision for EDUCATION is that every North Carolina child will be taught in a safe, clean, high functioning school with a well-paid, qualified teacher in front of every classroom.    
Representative Quick has and will continue to work for bringing good paying jobs to every North Carolina county and creating new economies and jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.  Jobs and economic development will continue to be his focus until every North Carolinian who seeks EMPLOYMENT is able to find it and care for their family.
Representative Quick will continue to work for legislation that EMPOWERS people and communities.  He will continue to be an advocate for justice and a fighter for a fair chance at greatness for every North Carolinian.
Representative Quick supports bringing safe, clean drinking water to every North Carolinian – without the harmful effects of known and unknown chemical pollutants. Also, protecting our ENVIRONMENT with appropriate regulations that keep North Carolinians safe, while not impeding growth and economic development will continue to be priorities.